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In the western world, yoga is becoming increasingly popular among footballers. Many top professionals even claim that yoga can extend the length of their professional sports careers and significantly improve overall athletic performance. Manchester United player Ryan Giggs is one of the biggest supporters here. The football talent used to suffer from many injuries and now describes yoga as his personal “fountain of youth”, which promises him agility and endurance on the field until the mid-forties. This article explains exactly how footballers can benefit from the teaching that comes from India.

Effectively reduce stress

Professional soccer players are under constant pressure to perform and must always be able to give one hundred percent on the field. This is especially true for Champions League players who are fighting their way up in European competition. They have to show not only physical strength, but also mental strength to prevent injuries during the game. While meditation and relaxation techniques are praised and practiced regularly in all forms of everyday stress, the mental health of competitive athletes is often neglected. For a top performance, however, this is just as important as stretching the muscles before the game. The breathing techniques and attention exercises practiced in yoga help a player to free himself from negative feelings and only concentrate on the moment. Joint exercises with the team also strengthen relationships with one another and ensure better cohesion.

Develop new strength with the “core”

When one understands strength as the maximum strength that one can exert against a load, yoga is not necessarily the first training method that comes to mind. Rather, most think of gyms where muscle packs lift heavy iron and continuously increase resistance. To train your strength, the use of barbells and dumbbells is of course an advantage. Finally, a resistance program is to be set up that can increase in intensity. Here…

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