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Drug therapy includes medications that influence your thinking, mood or behavior. Many patients can get back to their day-to-day tasks by taking medicines and need less care. The active ingredient memantine is attributed special efficacy in the treatment of brain disorders.

An essential role is played by the psychological accompaniment of the patients and their relatives, because the acceptance of the diagnosis is not easy for all those involved. However, it is the prerequisite for optimal treatment. Especially in the early stages of the disease for the patient is still the ability to largely determine his later life itself. Caregiving authority, wills and living will are useful measures. Psychological accompaniment is also important for caregivers. Many of them tend to over-express themselves, which in turn causes them to easily lose their nerve and get caught in a vicious cycle of overwork and guilt. The exchange with other victims and the psychological counseling help caregivers to identify and solve stress situations and thereby protect their own health.

With the help of a behavior therapy certain abilities in the everyday life of the patient can be maintained or even restored. Essentially, this is about conveying the patient's sense of achievement without overstraining it. Simple activities give the patient the feeling that they are still doing something and boost their self-esteem. As a matter of principle, family caregivers should only take over activities if the patient is no longer able to carry out their own work. Patients should not be confronted with their mistakes, but praised for their efforts. Exercises like brain jogging only make sense if the patient is still able to cope with it and enjoy it.

In most cases it is neither necessary nor sensible to change the apartment. The patient's environment should remain as familiar as possible to facilitate orientation. As the course becomes more insecure during the course of the disease and …

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