The special case – the pain that came with the cold

His illness appeared right at the beginning, right after birth – as Uwe Bröcker's parents later told him:

It actually started when I was born with pneumonia where the doctors said my blood is so bad I should actually die. “

The baby survived the pneumonia – but since then Uwe Bröcker was always ill. Knee, hand and other joints ached and were often almost immobile, the doctors in the blood constantly found evidence of inflammation in his body.

Every two or three years in hospital, blood tests, sites of inflammation were sought, which were not found. Removed on blue haze almonds and everything you used to do. “

The complaints keep coming back

Accordingly, many childhood memories of the gas-water installer, who works as a janitor today, are characterized by his illness:

“Almost weekly with my knees stiff, my mother drove me to the doctor for a bicycle, I got penicillin injections, regular cortisone or other drugs that I do not even remember.”

Once, as a primary school student, he even had to stay in hospital for a long time.

“I've been there for half a year, I was in second grade and it was difficult to catch up, so my school performance has never been so good.”

With time it got worse: When Uwe Bröcker, 17, 18 years old, pimples and rashes occurred. “Adolescent acne,” the doctors consoled him, but the skin problems did not go away, even after he had passed puberty for a long time. Later, the rash was diagnosed as hives, also called urticaria. The whole body. Meanwhile, the young man was also tormented by fever and chills. As in childhood, Uwe Bröcker observed that cold makes everything worse. In different hospitals different investigations were made – without success:

Ultrasound was the most ridiculous. They did endoscopy, abdominal endoscopy, bone marrow puncture twice … that always meant focus search. They had to look for inflammation in the body because the blood levels were so bad. “


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