The special case – fear without reason

(Repeat from 02.02.2016)

Petra B. comes home one evening from work. The day was filled as always, she has experienced difficult, even beautiful – she works with mentally disabled people. When she later wants to go to bed, she looks in the mirror and is surprised.

“I've got large areas of blotches on my body, red blotches – you know that when you get nervous spots.”

The 46-year-old remains relaxed, even if she has never experienced something like that. And indeed: the next morning everything almost disappeared again. But only a few days later something strange happens again.

“Then I realized that I was getting pale, and at the same time my heart started to race and I only thought that I would go to the doctor and I was told during the doctor's visit that it was probably stress-related and the doctor handed me then the “bill of rights”, somehow an american woman has come up with that: you have to learn to say no. “

Rash diagnosis: stress

Petra B. almost tries to take it with humor. Because she has no stress, at least she is not aware of that. Nevertheless, she decides to pay a little more attention to herself. But the fit-like racing heart remains. She goes back to the doctor after a few weeks, who states again: It has to be psychologically conditioned. And in view of red spots and palpitations, that would be obvious, Dr. Nicole Unger from the University Hospital Essen. She will take care of the patient years later.

“This is quite a completely non-specific symptom, both symptoms are non-specific, because you can think of everything or nothing, completely fine.”

Even Petra B. does not fundamentally doubt the diagnosis – even if she can hardly reconcile it with the image she has of herself. Finally, she gets a psychotherapy from her doctor.

“I did not do that then, so I tried to do what I was told: No, to have a point of view, though, I've always wondered, Actually, that's when the vomiting started I vomited almost every day and then of course I thought at some point, so it can not continue …

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