The special case – black urine

There are strokes of fate that bring all those affected to their limits. Like a young family in the Saxon Riesa near Meissen. In 1983 they get a son. Martin, as he is known, grows up in good health for four years, until he falls ill from one hour to another in 1987. “He got up, he was with the grandma at the time, and he had knee pain, his knees hurting, he had been fiddling around the day before, and that's where the grandma thought, well, just a little sore muscle or something.” , remembers the boy's mother.

“But then, when you go to bed voluntarily, there's something lazy, my grandmother was a bit scared, and then she called a doctor, they came and took him, that was about 12:30 pm Then she called for work, I went to work from the hospital and was in the hospital about 1 pm I was allowed to see him on the window, then it was a bit more isolated than today, and then I am back with my grandmother home and at about 2 pm the ambulance came to pick us up and it was already too late at 1.40 pm he died. “

Sister has the same symptoms

What Martin died, was never finally clarified. Cardiac arrest was succinct in the reports. A shock that continues today to lose your own child is one of the worst things that can happen to parents! The pain faded only when Heidi was born, the second child of the couple from Riesa in Saxony. The parents, both working as intercessors at Deutsche Bahn, are happy and satisfied until their daughter, at the age of eight, experiences something similar to her deceased son.

“All I know is that I sat on the couch early and could not get dressed anymore, because my back hurt and everything hurt me, and then we drove to the pediatrician who examined me, I had to pee and It was already dark and flaky, it had black urine, it looked like coffee in the chamber pot, and then our pediatrician suspected that it was related to the kidneys somehow, she also pressed on her back, and where in the Heidi also screamed that it hurt her …

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