The body in the fight against pathogens

“Fever is a reaction of the body to various diseases, especially in the case of infectious diseases, i.e. when the body wants to do something against pathogens, and it is triggered by various messenger substances in the context of such an inflammatory reaction and then practically becomes the adjusting screw for normal temperature in the brain adjusted, as you know from the thermostat on the heater. “

Sweating, confusion, hallucinations

Dr. Sabine Gehrke-Beck works in the Charité Institute of General Medicine. The normal temperature in humans is approximately between 36 and 37 degrees Celsius. From 38 degrees one speaks of fever. However, this is not a separate disease, but a symptom. A partial region of the brain regulates the temperature. When pathogens penetrate the body, certain messenger substances get there and adjust the usual temperature upwards. The effects of fever are many.

“Sweating or often a red, overheated skin, because of the many sweating it can also lead to something like dizziness, which you also often notice in people who have a fever, that they have an increased heartbeat because this is natural for the body Sometimes low blood pressure when the fever is very high can also cause confusion, hallucinations. “

There is often an uncertainty about how to reliably measure fever.

“If you measure under your arm or in your ear, you can sometimes measure a little too low, there is a bit of a question, how exactly do you need it now? There is actually nothing wrong with normal infections for home use.”

If fever persists, see a doctor

Accuracy is a bit more important for small patients, says pediatrician Dr. Ulrich Fegeler.

“The problem with children is always how to do it correctly. That's why the rectal measurement is reasonable in my eyes, because it really doesn't cause pain. You can also measure it in the mouth, assuming that the children cooperate, find which is just as stupid, you can also determine the ear temperature, they can be falsified if inflammatory processes take place there, but in general that is very widely used today. “

When should adults with a fever go to the doctor? Dr ….

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