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Long-distance running, especially the marathon, is becoming increasingly popular in popular sports. Constantly growing numbers of participants and spectators are proof of the popularity of the sport. Embedded in a well-thought-out training process, it also plays the energy supply a crucial role. Nutrition is an important issue for marathon runners.

Energy and performance

In almost all areas of athletics, athletes are lone fighters. Everyone has their own, sometimes fluctuating performance. Even if you are in top form through optimal training, you cannot prevent the daily form from being below the usual average.

After all, the body is not a machine and even in the best possible conditions there are occasional lows. This also applies to long-distance runs, in particular psychological factors come into play here: Iron will and discipline push the runners to their limits. But the high physical and psychological demands make this type of endurance sport so attractive. Whether you run yourself or just watch, the marathon is fascinating.

The New York Marathon is legendary; it leads from Brooklyn through New York's most beautiful districts to the finish in Central Park. The marathon also thrills the masses as part of the well-known triathlon competitions of the “Ironman”.

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In order to keep your own performance as constant as possible at a high level, it is essential for the runners to adapt their eating plan to the training. The body must be optimally cared for during preparation, but also during the competition itself.

The targeted supply of nutrients counteracts the exhaustion that often occurs around the thirtieth kilometer. The sudden fatigue that many athletes experience on the last quarter of the route is also known as “running against the wall” or “man with …

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