Spahn: “With the 20 laws that we have launched in 20 months, we want to regain the trust of the people.”

Mister President! Dear Colleagues! Recently, a survey by Allensbach has shown that there is a dramatic erosion, a dramatic loss of citizens' confidence in the state, politics and, yes, also in the government. But a majority also wants – as the poll has also shown – that this government simply does its job, that it governs and implements the things that move many citizens. I am convinced that it works too.

That is exactly what we have done in terms of health and care in recent months; By the way, there are 20 laws in 20 months.

But that is not an end in itself. It's not about the number of laws, it's about what difference we make.

We have provided with these 20 laws for noticeable improvements in the everyday lives of citizens, patients, carers, doctors, and all those working in the healthcare sector. With these 20 laws, we have sent 20 signals that we are preparing health and care in this our welfare state for the 20s and 30s. That's what the pace of health policy is about.

And that is also the chance to win back trust and to make a difference in concrete ways, through decisions in everyday life. This applies, for example, to care. I would have wished, Mrs Mrs Lötzsch and Mrs Mrs Klein-Schmeink, that you would have noticed that. We have been making the biggest change in funding for hospitals for more than 20 years, saying, as of January 1st, care in hospitals will be paid for everything that costs. And if a hospital hires 50 additional nurses, these 50 additional nurses will be fully funded. That is a clear, strong signal to the nurse, and I would have found it fair if you had at least mentioned that in what you said here.

We have done something to make it easier for people to get medical appointments, keyword: telephone number 116117. There you can reach the medical on-call service, which can be used as an appointment service …

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