Spahn: “Measles protection is child protection, and a maser protection law is a child protection law”

Mister President! Dear Colleagues!

Measles protection is child protection, and a masquerade law is a child protection law. It is precisely this protection of the youngest that concerns us with this law. Because measles are not – it has already been pointed out – a harmless childhood disease; Measles are among the most contagious infectious diseases in humans. They are highly contagious. If someone sneezes here who has measles, the droplets in that room still present a risk of infection for up to two hours. There is no therapy for measles. When you have them, you can only sit them out and have to endure them, and they can go from very, very bad, to lung and brain inflammation. That is why we want to protect the most vulnerable in society, the children, the youngest. That is the goal of this law.

When I hear the debate on the notion of freedom, including the social debate, I must say: yes, it is about the freedom of the individual; but it is also about the responsibility of the individual. At any rate, my concept of freedom does not stop with me as an individual. If I'm here in a room with 600, 700 colleagues, when I'm in the cinema or on the train, when it comes to community facilities, then it's also about the question of whether I unnecessarily endanger others. A measles infection in 2019, given the vaccinations we can carry out – highly safe and highly proven – is an unnecessary hazard. That's what it's about: Freedom also means that I'm not unnecessarily endangered. Therefore, from the perspective of the preservation of freedom, this law is a good law; It protects freedom and health.

That's why we put a stop to community facilities, especially for the youngest who can not decide for themselves, such as day care centers and schools. It's also about medical staff, because of course, in the hospital, you should be sure that you will not be unnecessarily infected there.

Incidentally, what is also included in the bill, Mr Spangenberg, is that compulsory vaccination will also be required in future in collective housing for asylum seekers. If all that was right, what you here …

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