Spahn: “From 1 January, the allowance will apply. As a result, company pensioners are noticeably relieved. “


I think there is one topic where most of the colleagues in their constituencies are not different but very similar. In fact, in recent years we have all heard in many conversations with citizens that there is a lot of anger, a lot of frustration and a lot of loss of trust: on the one hand for those who have been governed by what has been done today and in previous years as a company pensioner is, complained and felt deceived many times – that's just been portrayed; and this is at least as important to me – among potential future pensioners, young people facing the question: is it worth it at all? Contract to complete company pension plan? Debates on this issue have been experienced by each and every one of us in recent years, not only here but above all on the ground.

At its core, it is about trust, about trust in the state, in the decisions of the state and in occupational pensions, but it is also about trust in the decision-making power and decision-making will of the Federal Government; I am also very, very aware of that. CDU / CSU and SPD In fact, as the coalition-holding parties have each decided and decided that they want to make a difference in the present state of affairs, and I think it is not enough just to decide something at party conventions, but that must then also quickly implemented together and in the bill to be brought. We do that with this bill.

That's why it was also important to me to make it quick, after we had agreed a few weeks ago that we are now actually in this coalition to tackle the January 1, 2020 in the truest sense of the word to make tangible – in the sense of lower contributions for the company pensioners.

And, yes, about one third of the company pensioners continue to pay no contribution to the statutory health insurance; these are the ones that are already under the exemption limit today. On…

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