Spahn: “Digital solutions can improve the daily life of patients”

Mister President! Dear Colleagues! For years it has been said that we are too slow in digitization in Germany. I have heard many a speech here, especially from those who are too fast now. They have told me: It has finally in the digitization in Germany a bit of speed purely. – That was also true for health, yes. There was also, Mrs. Klein-Schmeink, always small and small in the debates; that's true. We saw that again today with your contribution.

There is always black painting, there are concerns and a tangling on individual issues, but not the view of what it is all about. Now we want to make speed, speed, to make our healthcare fit for the digital future.

I can tell you, if you ask for a strategy, for a leitmotif: You do not need a hundred pages, not even five years. The leitmotiv is very simple. In fact, digital health is not an end in itself. It is about making the care of patients in Germany more concrete in everyday life through better information, better communication. That's the leitmotif: Better care for patients in Germany.

We can also do that in concrete terms. We are here today concluding a world first. That's where Germany is at the top. We will be the first country in the world that the small, – not the small-small -, the Wild West, the small-small Wildwest – that the Wild West ends in the apps of today. The truth is that today there is no orientation at all. The apps are all there, anyone can download them, anyone can download them. Nobody sorts: Which app in the healthcare industry actually has an added value? Where is not only beautiful marketing, not just gimmick, but where is an actual benefit for the patient in the care? We introduce that first.

The second step: We will be the first country in the world in which the public health insurance funds finance the whole, if there is an added value. We show for many, many others how to do it. And yes, that's also a piece of new territory. Yes, we will have to set standards for the first time …

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