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In this episode I have Frank Taeger on the show again. Frank has been involved in training and science for several years now. He has published several books on the subjects of training and nutrition, cared for countless athletes and is therefore in my opinion the best example of the useful combination of science / theory and practice.
With his master's degree in psychology, he is particularly familiar with topics such as motivation and fun in combination with training!

And that's what this podcast episode is all about. Motivation and fun in training. How is it really going?

Here you can find all contents of this episode with the right times at a glance:

00:05:30 Difference between motivation and fun

00:09:00 Motivation Theories and Motives

00:11:30 Push and pull motivators

00:14:30 Social Commitment

00:18:00 passion hypothesis

00:22:30 Fun as an amateur athlete

00:23:45 Change of motives over time

00:26:00 Hedonist stairs

00:30:30 Comparison with other people

00:35:30 The power of thought

00:38:45 Consciousness & Subconscious

00:41:00 Pushing a movie

00:43:30 The Chinese system

00:47:15 Less is sometimes more

00:50:30 Fun and motivation through coaching

00:54:30 importance of the environment

01:00:45 The traces of other people

Here are all links to Frank and his books:

► Here's the great training book by Frank

► Here is the training program from Frank

► Here you get the new nutrition book from Frank

► Frank's Facebook page

► Here you will find Frank's first Muay Thai fight

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In this episode I have …

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