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The school system was already featured in Slow German # 025 on April 29, 2008. This is an updated episode.

There is one in Germany compulsory school attendance, So every child has to go to school. So-called homeschooling classes at home, there is no. All boys and girls go to school.
A child comes to school here at the age of six. This is called school enrollment, Some children come to school at the age of five – or only at the age of seven. Either the law decides or the parents decide together with the Teachern. In the school year 2016/2017, 721,000 children were enrolled in Germany. A total of 8.4 million children went to school this year. 9 percent of the children go to a private school, the rest to state schools. These state schools cost nothing. They are financed through taxes.
All children in Germany have to go to school for at least nine years. If a child does not show up at school, the police may show up at home and pick the child up.
The school is not the same in every state. Each federal state is free to decide how to teach the children. Here in Bavaria, for example, there is a lot of religious instruction in primary school. In the third and fourth grades it is three hours a week. The curricula are different. On curriculum is a written document that all teachers must adhere to. Here it is written what the children have to learn in the different school years. It is therefore difficult for children whose parents are moving. Because the school is different everywhere.

And this is how the school system works: The children first go to primary school, The school year starts after the big ones vacation in summer, depending on the state in July to September. In most federal states, elementary school lasts four years – in some also six years.

After that, the parents have to decide how to proceed for the child. Are the graden very good? Or rather not? The grades are awarded in Germany from 1 to 6. A one is the best grade, a six is ​​the worst. The fourth grade of elementary school is about the so-called transition into one further …

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