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But sleep is not all about sleep. For only those who sleep well and wake up refreshed in the morning, comes out of bed and in the day. How much sleep every human being needs is different. On average, it takes seven to eight hours, but more for women. Those who sleep too little are irritated, unfocused and eventually ill.

Sleep is not the flip side of waking, as Aristotle suspected. The brain that controls sleep is almost as active in certain sleep phases as when awake. Five different phases are repeated approximately every 90 minutes while sleeping: in the first two we fall into a light sleep. The muscles relax, breathing and pulse become even. In phases three and four we are in deep sleep and can only be awakened by loud and unfamiliar sounds. The heartbeat slows down, the blood pressure drops. In this phase, the body regenerates. In phase five we dream. Dreams are important and are part of a healthy sleep. Now the brain is almost as active as when awake. Impressions of the day are worked up, learned impressed. The muscles are completely relaxed, hardly capable of movements. Quickly back and forth, however, the eyes move under the closed eyelids. Therefore, this phase is called the term REM sleep. REM stands for rapid eye movement, which means fast eye movement.

In order to recover physically in deep sleep and mentally relax in REM sleep, the sleep must be sufficiently long, quiet and undisturbed. It is important for a restful sleep, that you will not be torn from the repetitive sleep phases, because then you wake up in the morning as if left to right.

So that the bedroom deserves its name

Bedrooms are often a bit sparse and cool rooms that are uninviting. That does not have to be. Some plants can even improve the indoor climate with their oxygen release, only it should not be very fragrant. The ideal room temperature is between 16 ° and 18 ° Celsius. It should not be colder, then the body becomes tense instead of relaxing. Fresh air is important and good, only it is not allowed to pull. The room should be …

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