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Chewing and digesting – Use food properly

A very important and mostly underrated topic. I'll tell you in this post why chewing is so important for digestion. As we know, having a good digestion ultimately
also to do with the intestine, in which so many diseases can arise. To relieve the intestine and to maintain a good environment, this topic is of utmost importance.

“Well chewed is half digested”.

This is an old saying that means much more than you might think at first glance.

Unfortunately or fortunately, sometimes it's the simplest things in life that trigger illness.

By the way: about 70% of the immune system is in the intestine. So a big reason to take a closer look.

Problems that can result from insufficient chewing:

* bad digestion
* Malnutrition
* Acidification of the body with many problems – see also in the article on the topic
* “Fungus” of the intestinal environment.

Out of all this can germinate through rising disharmony, disease.

Foreshadowed: There was in the past a doctor who cured patients without exception in all ailments and diseases with a bowel. It was Dr. med. Franz Xaver Mayr. In addition, I come in another contribution.

The basic feature of all evil is unfortunately the apparently tolerable, good chewing and adequate salivation of the food.

If you pay attention to your counterpart, you will notice very often that the food is chewed a maximum of 3-5 times before swallowing. Why is this? We
Unfortunately, they did not learn otherwise. This has great effects on the whole body and thus on the well-being.

This is a major problem because the intestines are not geared to complete complete digestion of the food. This will surely astonish many. But to
Digestive system is not just the gut, but first of all the mouth.

Process of digestion:

Already in the mouth, the food should be minced as finely as possible, be salinated and thus predigested.

Bacteria already start there, by the salivation of the food, with the digesting and prepare …

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