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By the grace of her birth in exceedingly rich conditions, Carola Rackete is well above the concerns of sleazy wage labor. She lives a freedom that most dare not dream. And just as the children of other wealthy people in the penthouses over the city, Carola also found in herself a deep sense of guilt and duty for even more humanity.

Their very own urge to do something about misery and suffering on this planet, at least something. And to feel good about it! Still to be rich, but also benevolent and mild. Loved in the features section, on poetry readings and in a vernissage. A thoroughly righteous life, then.

It should be.

After her allegedly risky “Havarie maneuver” in the port of Lampedusa Rackete quickly became the star of all morally moved. Everywhere, never-ending applause rose in the feel-good milieus and subordinate editorial offices. Title pages, talk shows, prizes – the big belly-brush. And the rich girl had made it: she is now one of the good guys!

Unfortunately, then, it turned out that among the people she had rescued at sea were also rapists and murderers. Can that be true? Not really surprising for the realist. And the pessimists hardly think of anything else anyway. Even the optimists are shocked. There remains the question of whether even the idealists break at least a small jag from the moral crown.

No: Carola and her can not help it. “They come without passports,” says Ruben Neugebauer. He is another lighthouse of Carola's caste of the good among the wealthy.

And yes, it's true: For years people have been coming without papers. Especially to Germany. When registering by the authorities, they themselves just give their (?) Name, date of birth and place of birth. According to them they get issued then appropriate papers. So an identity based on your own information. Quite officially.

This practice is strange and quite unique in this country. I can only think of one institution that used to behave the same way: the Foreign Legion. And this concept was for his purpose for many years a very …

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