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Save Usual Responses and Notes Response Meaning in English Sneezer Reply and Pronunciation Reply Meaning in English albanian Shëndet (Shuhn-det) “Health!” Faleminderit or Shëndet paç “Thank you!” and “May you have health,” respectively amharic ይማርሽ (yimarish) for female or ይማርህ (yimarih) for male “May God forgive you!” ያኑሪሽ (yanurish) for female or ያኑርህ (yanurih) for male “May you live for long.” Afrikaans Gesondheid “Health!” Dankie “Thank you” arabic يرحمكم الله (yarhamkum Allah) if the sneezer says الحمدلله (Alhamdulillah), as to alternative interaction.

فرج(Faraj) صحة (Saħħa).

“God have mercy on you” if the sneezer says “All praise is for God.”

“Relief!”, “Health!”

علينا و عليك (Alayna wa Alayk) شكرا (Shukran) or يهديكم الله و يصلح بالكم (Yahdeekum Allah wa youslah balakum) after the alternative interaction “For you and me”, “Thank you!” or “God guide you and set your affairs aright.” armenian առողջություն (aroghjootyoon) “Health” շնորհակալություն (shnorhakalutyun) “Thank you” assamese মঙ্গল হওক (môngôl hôwk) “May good happen.” Unknown Unknown Assyrian Neo-Aramaic shemad alaha “in God's name” Azeri Sağlam ol, or sometimes Afiat (see Persian) “Be healthy.” Saol ol Thank you Bangla [Bangladesh] Yarhamukallah (আল্লাহ তোমার উপর দান করুন)

[India] Jibah Jibah (জীবঃ জীবঃ)

“[Bangladesh] May God have mercy on you ”

“[India] May you live long ”

“Silence” “Silence” basque Doministiku, from Latin “dominus tecum” “The Lord be with you.” Unknown Unknown belarusian будзь здаровы for both genders, or будзь здароў (Budz zdarovy / budz zdarou) for male and будзь здаровая (Budz zdarovaja) for female Be healthy for each gender дзякуй (dziakuj) “Thank you.” bosnian Nazdravlje “To your good health.” Hvala “Thank you.” breton Doue d'ho pennigo. “God wants to bless you.” bulgarian Наздраве (Nazdrave) “To your health.” or “Cheers.” Благодаря (Blagodarya) “Thank you.” Burmese Ta Baw Pout Pi Lar? “Understood?” or “Got it?” Hote, Pout Pi “Yes …

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