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“In the mesa ritual, there are two important components, the control of body energies and the remedies.” In the mesa, I mainly work with the dragoon plant, the dragon's herb. “

Gerardo Pizarro is an Indian shaman, descendant of the pre-Inca culture of the Mochicas in Peru. For more than 20 years he has been traveling throughout Europe with his traditional healing ceremony consisting of massages, herbal treatments, drums and singing.

“Mesa is a ritual to purify you inwardly.”

Although Indian medicine is not as popular in this country as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine. But every year, there are numerous “holistic medicine” or workshops that offer sweatlodge ceremonies, introductions to Native American herbal medicine, and shamanic practices.

Although the Indians are as different as the Europeans or the Africans, emphasizes the ethnologist Angelika Wolf of the working group Medical Anthropology of the German Society for Ethnology. But in the medical conceptions can be seen common features, especially the idea of ​​equilibrium:

“The organism is related to certain forces that have to balance themselves in some way, so the idea of ​​balance is behind it, and the human being is healthy when in balance with the various forces, and therefore a disorder This is a disease, and if someone is in a cold element like water, the body becomes too cold and needs to be balanced with warm food, for example. “

Holistic view

Balance and the holistic view of body, mind and soul – these elements of Native American medicine are also to be found in European health and disease views. Rainer Stange, Chief Physician of the Department of Natural Medicine at the Immanuel Hospital Berlin.

“Conversely, one has to say, of course, that in the Indian medicine – these are very different too – is mainly a strong connection between medicine and religion and spirituality is there.”

Angelika Wolf confirms that especially ghosts play a big role in Native American medicine …

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