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This is a repeat from 13.05.2014

Traffic control – even without alcohol in the blood you can get problems, warns police chief commissioner Stefan Drescher, head of the staff unit traffic control at the Berlin police, namely the handle in the medicine cabinet:

“Participation under the influence of drugs on the road is initially not prohibited, but of course it will be critical if the road user, who has taken medication before, is no longer able to lead his vehicle safely, then he is in the field However, we suspect that many people are unaware that they may not be fit to drive after taking medication. “

Around one in five medicines, it is said, “may affect the ability to drive or operate machinery”. What that means in general, explains Professor Gilbert Schönfelder, pharmacologist at the Charité:

“The undesirable effect of certain medicines is that they disturb the attention, there are classes of substances that serve exactly the same receptor in the brain as the alcohol.”

The effect of the medication is delayed until late

The range of drugs that affect the ability to drive is large. It is particularly common in psychotropic drugs, especially benzodiazepines, which are still used as tranquilizers:

“The benzodiazepines are so, they make you sleepy, the concentration affect them, and you feel the same as with the alcohol, you are a little more relaxed and the reaction time decreases.”

Who takes Benzodiazepine, which is at least as limited as with 0.5 per thousand alcohol. These substances are still used as sleeping pills. Such older medicines have a long half-life, which is about the range to which the tiredness has somewhat diminished. So it takes time to get mentally fit in the morning. The newer sleep medications, so-called “Z-preparations”, have a shorter “hang over” effect. Nevertheless, the pharmacologist Professor Schönfelder warns:

“The newer ones have a better profile than the benzodiazepines, they have a lower …

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