City council meets in Gudensberg

GUDENSBERG, Tonight, the city council in Gudensberg is about the adoption of the budget statute with the associated plan for 2020. Mayor Frank Börner said that the budget has been balanced.

With current income and expenses of around 20.13 million euros, there is a surplus of 193,775 euros. This year, according to Börner, however, it took enormous strength and unpleasant decisions to be able to present a budget with a balanced result. All expenditures were reviewed for their necessity and urgency in many meetings and meetings.

Not everything is possible anymore – but no street contributions!

Unfortunately, not all desirable projects can be realized in 2020, Frank Börner explained, individual measures in road construction, for example, have to be postponed to later years. Here the magistrate hopes for the understanding of the citizens, because in one thing everyone in the town hall agrees: No street contributions will be levied in Gudensberg in the future either!

Most of the expenses the city has to pay are so-called compulsory benefits. They are, so to speak, imposed on us by law, such as childcare from the first year of life. These framework conditions can be set. In 2020, the city had to cope with additional staff costs of € 255,000, in particular through tariff increases and 14 new jobs in kindergarten. This makes it possible for many educators who are on temporary contracts to be able to obtain permanent employment contracts.

No burdens on future generations

Depreciation increases by around € 60,000. This has to do with the fact that Gudensberg has always invested a lot of money in the maintenance of its public facilities. This is reflected in higher depreciation. Frank Börner: “So we are not shifting burdens to future generations!”

A large amount arises from the district and school levy to be paid to the Schwalm-Eder district. That is around € 6.05 million in 2020, € 313,000 more than in the past year.


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