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Climate package: CDU vice wants to negotiate higher CO2 price
The climate package was already in parts already tied up, said Armin Laschet. Whether it comes to the required higher CO2 price, but is also due to the SPD itself.GermanyZEIT ONLINE: Germany – Anne SchwedtSun, 08 Dec 2019 01:56:28 -0000{Urn: uuid: 5a9b7e5c-5792-4cdd-a9ca-cf922363e352}
Global Drug Survey: Which drugs do you take and why?
Beer, Joint or Ecstasy in the Club: Around 20,000 ZEIT-ONLINE readers have already completed the world's largest drug survey – even your participation can make a difference.healthTIME ONLINE: Health – Sven StockrahmSat, 07 Dec 2019 19:35:52 -0000{Urn: uuid: 0ff2c2d3-1ad1-4469-bc17-5b0ec025b461}
Bouldering: Healthier fall

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