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Just imagine that you would have to think about every activity and would actually make everything aware. Even trivial things like brushing teeth or eating would take our concentration, there could be no more multitasking.

Habits are important and, as automated processes, make everyday life easier for us. Controlled mindsetting can change or replace them and make your life easier. Below we've put together 10 tips to help you make sport a habit.

1. Set yourself specific goals!

The knowledge is the first step for improvement or, as in our case – for habit. For this reason, it is important to be aware of which habits you want to change and to set a corresponding goal.

Tip: Small steps are most effective – so in addition to one big goal, set milestones too!

2. Stay realistic!

Lose 20 kg in a week or train Arnold Schwarzenegger's body within six months? These wishes are very nice, but can hardly be implemented in a healthy way. Take the time you need and set realistic goals to avoid disappointment.

Tip: Are you interested in an effective diet alternative? You might like interval fasting!

Sport as a habit - weights

3. Replace bad habits!

Losing habits is very difficult for most people. It is easier to replace habits. Find out what situations are associated with a particular habit you want to get rid of and replace them.

Example: Instead of smoking a cigarette in stressful situations, think of small workouts for different situations. It relaxes more effectively than smoking, you do good for your health and make sport a habit.

4. Be experienced!

Routine is the fastest and most successful way to establish a habit. Set a time, determine your training days and stick to the schedule.

5. Reward yourself!

Have you reached a milestone? Congratulations! Treat yourself to a little reward and do something for yourself. Thereby…

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