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Muffin top
Muffin top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What, you have never heard of the “Muffintop”? Surely you have already seen him: too German: streaky bacon, fat roll, Wampe, etc. like a muffin over the waistband swelling. This may or may not look like this:

English: Muffin top

Since we are not in the fashion blog here, it is of course not about pants or top, but the “muffin wreath” or much better why the muffin figure so not at all delicious is. And of course you also get tips on what you can do about it.

There are now a lot of scientific medical studies showing that it is a direct Relationship between waist circumference and disease risk gives. It's no longer BMI alone – the ratio of height to body weight – that determines how healthy someone is or is not, and most importantly, how healthy someone is WHERE the bacon is sitting,
Fact is also – as unfortunately often worn visible – see photo above left, that also relatively slim and very young people have the bacon in the wrong place.

First the good news: you will not get sick from the bacon over the waistband.
And another good news: this bacon roll is a clear signal that health is in danger and urgent changes are announced.

People have always been thick. There were always over important people who have grown old without any real complaints. Nobody would come up with the idea of ​​imputing to the lady on the top left of the picture that she was overweight – just this muffin top.

The Muffintop is not a usual overweight – this bacon is different:
1. It focuses above all on and in the abdomen, even in lean people
2. the flabby abdominal skin clearly indicates lack of tissue stability

And that will make it dangerous!

In the biochemical healing method according to Dr. med. We differentiate between Schüssler

  • Fettdickleibigkleit
  • Eiweissdickleibigkeit
  • Schadstoffdickleibigkeit

All species can occur together, but a species is usually clearly in the foreground.

This muffin is mainly about Schadstoffdickleibigkeit,

The connective tissue in the body is currently treated by the orthodox medicine still quite neglected: in my issue of Pschyrembel there is a …

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