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Five tips against forgetting

Imagine, you gradually lose all the skills and abilities that you have acquired during your life. People with dementia are fine. First, it is “only” the short-term memory and to remember things, then it is also impressed content of long-term memory. Dementia is one of the downsides of rising life expectancy. It is a typical old-age disease that affects around 1.7 million people in Germany. Ascending trend. Two-thirds of those affected are older than 80 years. There is no cure yet. But there are some helpful tips to prevent, says Debeka, Germany's largest private health and care insurer.


Exercise not only keeps you physically fit, but also mentally. Sport ensures that the growth hormone BDNF is released. This allows new nerve cells to form and network. In addition, the sport prevents protein plaques arise. These are the harmful deposits that disrupt the exchange of information between the neurons. Sport also helps with other dementia risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and stress. According to studies, active people are less likely to suffer from dementia. That does not mean that you have to mutate into a high-performance athlete. But according to WHO, 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense exercise is a good idea this week. And who knows, afterwards sport is even fun.

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking harms health – nothing new. In addition to the heart and lungs, it attacks the gray cells. The damaged lung does not supply the brain with sufficient oxygen, which is why brain cells die. What helps? Less smoking does not bring much, let it be quite. Even with the alcohol, that's a thing of the past: for those who now and then drink a glass of wine, they still enjoy it. Nevertheless, one should not forget that alcohol is a neurotoxin. Regular alcohol abuse increases the risk of mental deterioration. If dementia occurs before the age of 65, it can be attributed to alcohol in 60 percent of all cases. Brain damage occurs mainly indirectly: Acknowledges the liver as …

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