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  • Those who work in the office and sit almost motionless at the desk for several hours risk a series of health consequences.
  • A study by an office supplies manufacturer in collaboration with a panel of researchers has created a life-size model that highlights the potential consequences.
  • Emma, ​​as her name indicates, in addition to a round back many other symptoms that result from too little exercise and too much sitting time.
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A crooked back, varicose veins, red eyes, sallow skin, hairy nose and ears. Sounds like a good costume idea for Halloween? In fact, could be your colleague of the future. Or you yourself.

Fellowes, a manufacturer of office products, has teamed with a panel of scientists “Emma” developed. Emma is a life-size doll that shows what we could look like in 20 years if we continue to work the way we do in office jobs today: sitting for hours, eyes fixed on a screen.

Lay the frightening pictures of Emma …

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