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Priv-Doz. Dr. med. Gerd Gauglitz, head of dermatology practice in Munich-Neuhausen, is an expert in the field of laser treatments and uses a variety of different procedures in his practice. Among other things, lasers are also used to remove unpleasant tattoos. What exactly happens in the process, what to look for and what the aftercare looks like? Gauglitz in an interview.

Dr. Gauglitz, what exactly happens when laser tattoo removal?

Dr. Gerd Gauglitz: In the end, it is the tattoo removal that the color is smashed into very small particles. This works through a very fast emitted wavelength in the nano and also in the picosecond range. The goal is always to crush the color pigment by a kind of pressure wave or by heat so that a part of the skin surface abschilfert following, so in small scales detached from the skin. Another part is discharged from the body via the lymphatic system – our body's own garbage collection system. Since this treatment can only destroy certain amounts per session, so that the damage caused by the heat or pressure wave on the healthy skin does not become too great, you always need several sessions to remove a tattoo.

How many sessions are needed to remove a tattoo?

Dr. Gerd Gauglitz: The number of sessions does not depend, as one might expect, on the size of the tattoo, but above all on the way the tattoo was stung. Is it a professional engraved tattoo or a lay tattoo? How deep was the color introduced? These are the crucial parameters. In terms of size, of course, there are limitations with regard to the sensation of pain and the price involved. In advance, the number can not be quantified or guessed, unless the questions just mentioned can be answered exactly. The color composition also determines the number of sessions. Nowadays, different colors are used for the aesthetic or creative tattoo images. To remove them, it depends on how the color reacts to the wavelength used. Are the treating doctor all …

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