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Acidification seems to have developed into a new widespread disease. The primary culprit is a wrong diet. But is that true? Information about the human body and health – explained by Prof. Dr. med. Curt Diehm.

More and more often I have been asked by patients, whether it is possible that their body is acidified. One could almost get the impression that the whole of Germany feels “angry”. First of all something fundamental: Yes, in our body there are acids and bases. They are vital and through a complex interplay of different systems, our bodies regulate their ph value with them. All this happens without our intervention, so to speak fully automatically.

The “magic word” is the “fully automatic”. For example, if we eat too many acidifying foods, including meat, sausage and fish, many milk and cheese products, but also eggs, all kinds of cereals and sweets, then our body has a sophisticated control mechanism. For one thing, we can exhale superfluous acid via the lungs and thus make our blood more alkaline. On the other hand, we eliminate superfluous acid via the metabolism – for example via the kidney – simply out.

Incidentally, the same applies if we eat too many basic foods – such as fruits and vegetables. Even then, the body automatically regulates. In addition, the base formers include lemons, oranges and grapefruit, despite their sour taste.

You will notice: If you eat a balanced diet, you do not have to be afraid of acidifying your body.

Acids and bases: What does science say?

Incidentally, this has all been proven scientifically many times. In contrast to the effectiveness of the many remedies and cures that are now offered against the alleged hyperacidity.

In many cases, it is also claimed that over-acidification of the body can in the long term promote the development of diseases such as arteriosclerosis, arthrosis, osteoporosis or cancer. Again, there is no scientific evidence. But on the contrary. An investigation by the Institute of …

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