More and more Germans are consciously opting for a healthy lifestyle. Sufficient exercise, no nicotine, little alcohol and meat are important pillars for a healthy life. Or should you avoid meat entirely? Now five percent of Germans answer this question with yes. There are many reasons for a vegetarian diet. The majority of vegetarians do not eat meat for health reasons. But does a vegetarian diet actually lead to a healthier life?

Vegetarians do not eat any food that requires an animal to be produced. They therefore do not eat meat, fish or products such as lard and gelatin. Eggs and milk are allowed. With the vegan diet, a strict form of vegetarianism, all foods of animal origin are even removed from the menu. There are also lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, pescetarians, raw food vegans, frutarians etc. Vegetarians are not the same as vegetarians. All information about the different forms of vegetarianism can be found in the following table:

Forms of vegetarianism


Ovo-lacto-vegetarians Ovo lacto vegetarians do not eat meat or fish. Animal products such as milk and eggs, for the production of which no animal has to be killed, are permitted.
Lacto-vegetarians With this diet, meat, fish and eggs are omitted. Milk and milk products are allowed.
Ovo vegetarians Ovo vegetarians do not eat meat or fish, and they do not use milk. Eggs are on the menu.
Pescetarier It is controversial whether Pescetarians are vegetarians. The reason: Pescetarians eat fish and therefore animals. Milk and eggs are also served. Only meat is avoided.
vegan Vegans do not use any products that come from animals. This includes not only food, but also everyday items such as leather, wool and silk.
raw food vegan Raw food vegans – as the name suggests – only eat raw food. Therefore, their diet is largely composed of unheated plant foods.
Frutarian Frutarism is the strictest form …

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