Complaints with tooth, mouth and jaw | Thick cheek

However, if one looks more closely at this symptom of facial swelling, one soon realizes that toothache is not synonymous with swelling and that there are very different causes of inflammation with swelling of the facial and neck soft tissues.

Many patients report that one morning they woke up and suddenly the cheek was swollen. The swelling can be localized at the edge of the jaw, a little deeper, ie below the edge of the jaw, near the cheek or below the eye. Often the swelling is also associated with pain, especially when biting or eating. Special attention is required when swallowing problems, such. B. when drinking or eating, set. In this case, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, as the specialist for inflammation in the head and neck area, should be consulted as soon as possible. There, a radiological diagnosis of the facial skull and also an ultrasound examination will be carried out.

Basically, one can distinguish between so-called. Dentogenic inflammation, d. H. Inflammation originating from the teeth, and not dentogenic inflammation.

Dentogenic inflammation is often the result of infected cysts or inflammation at the apex of the root. In the case of these inflammations, there is often a very deep filling at the beginning of the process, which then leads to the death of the tooth nerve, which decomposes, which then leads to an inflammation at the apex of the root. End point of the inflammation at the root tip is then the radicular cyst, which can then trigger an abscess in the event of an infection. An abscess is usually associated with a significant swelling and we then have the symptom of the “thick cheek”.

The treatment measures in this case are usually the drilling of the tooth, the removal of the dead tooth nerve and at the same time or later the cystectomy or root tip resection combined with an abscess incision. Concomitant intake of an antibiotic is usually very useful, because in this way the expansion of the inflammation can be counteracted. In case of massive …

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