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Careum promotes education in health and social care through innovation and developmentMon, Dec 16, 2019 8:04:40 AM +0000


1 </p> <p> Comment on caring for relatives and staying healthy yourself from Claudia Kessler
Mon, Dec 16, 2019 8:04:40 AM +0000 Ms. Käppeli,
Thank you for your additions. They emphasize important aspects that are also very important to me:
– Alignment with the examples of good practice: we can all contribute to sharing “success stories” and making them known. You can give courage to tackle system changes beyond successful individual cases. From my experience, psychiatric care is much further here. You have “the relatives” stronger “on the screen”. The other supply areas could learn a lot from this.
– a system – and I would add: obligation to bring – in the work of the actors in health care: on every patient pathway with a chronic, long-lasting and complex character, the question should be systematic and initiated by the experts: who supports you on your way? These and similar questions would have to be used to try to determine the intensity of stress of caring relatives. How often would I have asked the question in consultations in which I was present as a caring family member: “and how are you doing with this situation?”.
A recently published research study on the needs of relatives in need of support and relief (G01, 2019) (Link: national-health-policy / funding-programs-the-specialist-initiative-plus / funding-programs-relief-belonging-program / part_1_wissensgrundlagen1.html) gives a lot of interesting insights into what caring relatives need to keep the burden bearable and to avoid a health hazard. Incidentally, the BAG subsequently considers how something like a …

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