Care of hands and fingernails

Hands are not only a tool of the body, but also represent an important means of communication. We gesticulate with our hands and thus give our feelings and words emphasis. It can be considered as the personal calling card of anyone who should not be paid too little attention. Especially in autumn and winter, when hands have to suffer from the cold, extra care is especially important.

Wash, cream, care

Since we are grasping and touching everything with our hands, it is clear that they represent the number one bacterium. Frequent hand washing is indispensable from this point of view, which unfortunately leads quickly to the drying out of the skin.

Therefore, hands should always be cleaned with a mild soap, such as with a cream soap. The hands are gently cleansed and long-lasting from drying out. It is best to rinse your hands with cold water for a short time, so that the pores close again, so that the moisture is better stored. Finally, do not forget to cream your hands well. In particular, the skin of the top of the hand needs a lot of moisture, because it is much more delicate than the palms. So put a hand cream on one of the sides of the hands and then rub the two tops against each other.

The extra dose of care

For rough but not chapped hands you can soften the skin with a gentle exfoliation. It removes the dead skin cells, improves blood circulation and makes the hands particularly receptive to subsequent care. Then cream your hands extra thick or rub them with wheat germ or almond oil. Then put on cotton gloves and let it work over night. Through the “sauna effect”, the hands can absorb more of the active ingredients and are guaranteed to be silky soft next morning. Treat your fingernails to a nourishing nail bath once a week. For this you bathe your nails in olive oil for about 5 minutes, which you can enrich with lemon peel oil against brittle nails.

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