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Companies allow themselves for shared data

Alvar joy

Many companies trading on the internet are under vague or very wide-ranging statements in the privacy sections of their terms and conditions. Apple, for instance, stipulates the permission to pass on customer details “in this case be necessary for national security, the legal process or other public interests”. Apple wants to worry: Some “public interest” can surely be found! We can only hope this trend is not going to spread.

ID cards copied for any purpose

Florian Glatzner

It is perfectly normal to identify oneself by showing one's ID card, for instance when renting a movie, for copying keys, registering in online communities or at check-in counters. But in a recent trend, the ID cards are not just verified for identification. What is done with these copies, how, where, and how long they are kept, is mostly not revealed. In most cases, it is perfectly sufficient if the relevant institution simply records the name and address and the fact that it has been identified. You could object if someone intends to copy your ID without your explicit consent.

Reservations against publishing video surveillance footage diminishing


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