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Videos and audios from the media libraries, current news and backgrounds, the ARD program at a glance.Copyright © 2019 ard.deWarning about refugee numbers like 2015
With his efforts to find a solution in refugee policy, Interior Minister Seehofer causes unrest in the Union. But calls for even more commitment from the EU countries – otherwise could repeat in 2015./ Home / ard
Meeting in Sweden: North Korea breaks off nuclear talks
North Korea has broken off nuclear talks in Sweden. The US delegation had made no new proposals. While the delegation from Pyongyang was disappointed, the US talked about a good meeting./ Home / ard
Paris knife attack: security services are checked
The allegedly terrorist-motivated knife attack by a police officer in Paris has caused horror in France. Prime Minister Philippe now announced a review of security staff./ Home / ard
Hong Kong court confirms disguise ban
With a preliminary injunction, the pro-democracy camp in Hong Kong wanted to take action against the ban on disguise. But an emergency application failed. The ban will continue to occupy the courts./ Home / ard
Minister of Health in Africa: Spahn's mission
Health Minister Spahn travels through Africa. It's about Ebola and migration. And it is also about him – Jens Spahn. Hanni Hüsch about a politician with ambitions./ Home / ard
Johnson promotes Brexit proposals
Time is pressing – just before the next Brexit round of talks, Premier Johnson has attempted to persuade EU leaders to make suggestions in individual calls. Ireland's Prime Minister Varadkar wants to meet Johnson./ Home / ard
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